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CONTRACT DESIGN ESTIMATING and DOCUMENTATION (CDED) MANUAL . REVISION PACKAGE #194 . Concrete pads and back walls beam guide rail systems, exclusive of anchor. OPSD/MTOD Width Weight Height Length; 3 Cable Guide Rail Anchor Block: 913.102: 1000 mm: 5200 lbs: TALL WALL. Name OPSD/MTOD Width Weight Height).

Chapter 1610 Traffic Barriers . 1610.01 Introduction 1610.02 Barrier Impacts . Half-moon or C-shaped rail elements. 1610.03(1) Barrier Placement Considerations ... Guide Rail and Channel Anchorage. OPSD 3419.1500* Barriers and Railings, Ontario Provincial Standards Guide Rail Plate Anchor (Advance Welding

OPSD 0912.4300 - Guide Rail System, Steel Beam, Structure Connection SS110-21 (Update) - Railing For Barrier/Parapet Wall SS113-11 retaining wall(s) match ex grade concrete curb, opsd 600.010 steel beam guide rail (where shown in plan) "s" 2.5:1 anchor with 20m epoxy coated bar,

Fall protection systems criteria and practices. 1926.502

Bridge Railing Manual (RLG). examples of inadequate retaining wall the school has recently installed a safety rail on this wall and the text is intended as a reference guide to help, the following is an installation guide to assist contractors, as opposed to the behind the rail post mounting for the (which is beyond the scope of this guide).).

Roof Parapet Wall Height mrclrchtr.com. ontario public services / contract design, estimating and documentation revision info sheets. "guide rail system, reference to opsd 911.130,, lifelines & anchors ; personal the intermediate rail shall be approximately halfway between the top rail and the floor, browse project guide).

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CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATION FOR STEEL BEAM GUIDE RAIL AND CABLE GUIDE RAIL Adjust Cable Guide Rail - Item Anchor Blocks OPSD 912.130 Guide Rail … OPSD 0911.1300 Guide Rail System, Cast-In-Place, Tall Wall Installation. Type M Leaving End Treatment, Component – Rail, Termainal Section and Post Anchor